The complete set of audio recordings from Heart and Soul: A Retreat in Sedona, Arizona, USA, with Puran and Susanna Bair, November 14-19, 2014.

Puran and Susanna Bair, co-founders of the IAM Heart, and co-authors of Follow Your Heart: The Map to Illumination, Living from the Heart, and Energize Your Heart.

The Theme of the Retreat

We are a school of the Heart, but what is the Soul? The Soul is the most referred entity in all religious and spiritual writings. It has been the aspiration of spiritual seekers throughout time to attain the eternal realm of the Soul in which we are safe, free from all limitations and pain.

The Heart, in contrast, holds many experiences acquired through time and expressed as emotions, from grief and despair to ecstasy and bliss. It is not pain-free; the heart might be broken, or it might be soaring. Through our Hearts we experience life; through our Souls we experience spirit.

The whole Self is an energetic Being of light, energy, structures and forms spiraling through the universe, connected with All Beingness, and manifested in the physicality of the earthly plane, here and now.

This is our experience of a unified reality of Self: a current of the one Breath passing through the template of the Soul accumulating in the Heart, and expressing itself through the mind and body. In our view the Soul is the inner dimension of the Heart, and the surface of the Heart is the mind.

It's important to us that the sacred language of our ancestors can be translated through science and updated through contemporary experience to make mystical concepts accessible, achievable and useful.

How can a person experience their soul? There are two ways: (1) by renouncing the temporal covers of the soul -- the body, mind and heart -- one can attain in silence and isolation the impersonal purity of timelessness. (2) Or, by feeling the reflection of the soul in the heart, you can explore and apply all that the Soul contains. The first way takes one beyond this world to discover the essence bestowed to every human being; the second way explores what a human being can become in this world. In the path of the heart, we take the second way.

One soul, like a ray of light, feels joy is reuniting with another soul in a multiplication of luminance. The joy a soul feels in meeting another soul is felt in their hearts, and the magnetism that draws them together comes from their hearts. Join with us in this retreat to celebrate the discovery of Self, and one's Self in another.

- Puran and Susanna

This recording includes all the lectures, meditations, and exercises presented at this wonderful retreat, 28 hours of recorded audio. These recordings are a wonderful way to experience the essence of the retreat.

Audio Download, "Heart and Soul: The Complete Recordings"
by Puran and Susanna Bair
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