Energizing Heart Rhythm Meditations

Energizing Heart Rhythm Meditations, Audio CD, by Susanna Bair

Discover the inexhaustible power within, harnessing the power of your heart's passion to confront what you need to face, stop self-defeating actions, and accomplish the wish of your heart.


Disc 1

  1. Introduction: Whitling by Puran Bair
  2. Preparation for Heart Rhythm Meditation
  3. Experiencing the Width of the Heart
  4. Working with the Breath
  5. The Depth of the Heart
  6. Moving into the Height of the Heart
  7. Energizing the Height of the Heart

Disc 2

  1. Beginning to Move the Heart Forward
  2. The Forward Dimension of the Heart
  3. Entering the Inner Dimension of the Heart
  4. Experiencing the Inner Dimensions of the Heart
  5. Daily Meditation: Energizing All Four Dimensions

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