The Cosmic Christ in the Heart of Humanity

The Cosmic Christ in the Heart of Humanity, a lecture and meditation by Puran Bair

Christ came at a time of desperation in human history and through his sacrifice He absorbed the illness of humanity into His heart and sent His healing breath out to raise the condition of humanity. Christianity teaches that each individual has a unique purpose and gift that must be realized and acted upon. Through this lecture and ancient meditation practice you will use the symbolism of the North Star, the crescent moon, and the manger to recall the divine conception and birth of your own life's purpose.

In the lecture you'll learn:

  • What are the 4 teachings which represent the spiritual essence of Christianity
  • Christ the man and the Cosmic Christ
  • How the Cosmic Christ appears in the heart of humanity
  • How do you connect the Cosmic Christ to your own heart's development
  • The meaning and importance of spiritual inheritance
  • What can we learn from Christ's method of spiritual healing
  • The essential meaning of Christmas

The meditation:

The story of Christmas has a hidden meaning: a secret which reveals to us how to experience the Being of Christ.

  • Experience the rain of divine light from the North Star as it is reflected in the depth of your heart
  • Feel the divine conception of the purpose of your life in the manger within
  • Manifest the purpose in your heart and let it shine forth
  • Take action and use your divine gifts to accomplish the purpose of your life

118 minutes in length beginning with an Introduction by Susanna Bair, followed by Puran's lecture and meditation and Puran's answers to some questions from the audience.

Puran is the co-founder (with Susanna Bair) of IAM Heart and The University of the Heart, and co-author (also with Susanna) of Living from the Heart, Energize Your Heart in Four Dimensions, and Follow Your Heart: The Map to Illumination.

Audio Download, "The Heart of Christianity"
by Puran Bair
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