Compassion and Forgiveness

with attunement to Buddha

"Buddha" was the title of Gautama. He was called Buddha because his spirit expressed the meaning of the word in Sanskrit: 'reason'. Reason in its essence is of a liquid form: it is the cream of intelligence.

"Buddhi, which is subtle reasoning, is the path which leads to the goal. As the sun is the source of light, which shows outwardly things in life, so Buddhi is the inner source of light, which enables the person to see life clearly, inwardly and outwardly. The true aim of the disciples of Buddha has not been only to adhere to Buddha, his name or his ideal, but, by taking Buddha as an example before him, their idea was to become Buddha some day. And the same idea is the secret of Sufism."

Audio Download, "Compassion and Forgiveness"
by Susanna Bair
55.7 MB


  1. Meditation
  2. Forgiveness: Ya Ghafur
  3. Quan Yin
  4. Compassion: Ya Rahman
  5. Mercy: Ya Rahim

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