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Wave Structures, PEMFs, and the Human Heart

Wave Structures, PEMFs, and the Human Heart

“Let’s raise our energy to a higher vibration!”  This lecture by iamHeart cofounder Puran Bair will give a whole new meaning to this oft-heard, new-age catch-phrase.

Energetic frequencies influence physical reality in a major way! High frequencies scatter and clarify, while low frequencies gather and collect. Darkness and light are created through a confluence of vibrations of different types. Thus, darkness and shadow is another aspect of Light.

How does this relate to meditation? The heart is influenced by and generates both high and low frequencies. For example, heart rate is a low frequency (~60 beats per minute), but the heart also pulses out a spectrum of magnetic energy into the field around one’s physical body. Breath, an even slower rate (4 – 12 cycles per minute), influences the rate of the heart. When full and rhythmic breath encourages sinusoidal (shaped like a sine wave) Heart Rate Variability.  Through meditation, you gain more control over the processes and signals that would otherwise be unconsciously churning in the background of your body’s functions. 

Furthermore, many heart-sourced electromagnetic frequencies, when directed consciously, have healing capacity. Healing through magnetism (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) is a seemingly new discovery, yet has long been only understood by esoteric meditative traditions and energy healers. Healing responses in physical tissues can be encouraged by sending magnetic frequencies to specific areas in the body or drawing energy from over-active fields around the body. The most sensitive instrument for detecting AND projecting these frequencies is not an expensive piece of modern electronic machinery, but is astonishingly the human hand! Through heart-centered meditation in tandem with energy-healing techniques we can develop awareness of and sensitivity to the varietal frequencies within PEMFs. 

Listen to Puran discuss how, through the power of the heart and through tuning into PEMFs, one can be an amazing catalyst of healing. 

This presentation was recorded in November of 2015 at the iamHeart group retreat Light on Healing.

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