The Institute for Applied Meditation on the Heart

Our Story

iamHeart is a modern, advanced, spiritual meditation school of the heart. We draw our work from many teachers that have contributed to heart development, including St. Francis, Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, Jalaluddin Rumi, Hazrat Inayat Khan and Noor-un-Nisa Khan. Our approach is non-religious, practical and scientific.

Susanna Bair and Puran Bair combine their backgrounds in psychology, theater, science and mysticism to make Heart Rhythm Meditation practical and profound. Puran and Susanna have worked with leading researchers to document the physiological changes that occur during meditation, demonstrating dramatic changes in metabolism, heart rate, brain waves, photon emission, and electromagnetism.

In addition to the founders, iamHeart is now led by a diverse group of teachers trained to help you improve your health, relationships and purposeful accomplishments, and to unfold the potentials of your heart and soul.

If you are a beginner at meditation, we welcome you to this beautiful journey. If you have meditated for decades, we can help you take your next step toward Illumination.