Curriculum and Programs of IAM Heart

The curriculum and programs of IAM focus on development of the heart for practical results and are designed to improve your health, relationships, and purposeful accomplishments.

Our programs are based on ancient teachings in an authentic lineage, updated by modern science.

The IAM University of the Heart is our two-year program that gives you the knowledge, skills, and some of the experience to attain illumination on the path of the heart.

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IAM Heart co-founders Puran and Susanna Bair are offering a series of workshops in Tucson in 2013.

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IAM Heart pioneered online webcourses in Heart Rhythm Meditation, and we have been teaching them since 1999. Webcourses offer a convenient, 8-week format, with weekly videoconferences and daily feedback from one of our trained instructors. Learn more
NEW -- IAM Heart now offers webinars, so you can hear presentations, ask questions, and learn more about the path of the heart, from IAM Heart co-founders Puran and Susanna Bair, and other IAM Heart teachers. Learn more about webinars

IAM Heart offers two kinds of retreats: Group Retreats are a time to deeply explore the spiritual side of your heart. Learn more
Individual Retreats are our most advanced type of retreat, and are best done when you have at least one year of practice with Heart Rhythm Meditation. Learn more

Your mentor offers personal guidance on the path of the heart, customizing the practice of HRM to meet your challenges and needs, helping you to optimize your spiritual growth.

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IAM Heart is pleased to have wonderful teachers in Heart Rhythm Meditation in many cities and towns.

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