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Living From the Heart is a river, exquisitely gentle. It carries the tremendous blessing brought to consciousness by those heart-masters that are sometimes called Sufis. I'll be going back to it again and again for a long time.

--Coleman Barks, translator of The Essential Rumi

Living from the Heart (first published by Random House in 1998) is the spiritual classic which first introduced the modern form of Heart Rhythm Meditation to the world. Full of wonderful stories that will open your heart, incredible techniques of breathing and elemental energies, profound descriptions of the experience of the One Heart, and a comprehensive heart-centered philosophy, Living from the Heart is a must for every lover of wisdom.

In the New, Living Heart Media edition co-authors Puran and Susanna Bair refine and expand their delivery of the message of the heart; over 100 new pages of text have been added, including new illustrations, new stories, and a new appendix which details the historical development of heart-based meditation in Christianity and Sufism.

Living from the Heart is both a down-to-earth guide to using meditation as the valuable tool in everyday life and an inspiring expression of profound mystical truths. Puran and Susanna Bair have long experience in helping people bring their unique meditative techniques into their lives, and the details of their experiences give this book a solid ground underneath its brilliant analysis of the ways of spiritual development. This is a rare and important book.

--Luke Rhinehart, author of The Dice Man, Long Voyage Back and The Book of EST

It is wonderful to find a meditation as simple and as universal as the Heart Rhythm Method. Puran and Susanna Bair offer us a way to remember and reclaim our essential unity with God, with the planet, and with each other.

--Rabbi Rami M. Shapiro, author of Minyan: Ten Principles for Living Life with Integrity

The authors capture the essence of spiritual healing through prayer and meditation in this insightful work adapted from Sufi mystics, but able to be used by people of all religious persuasions. I would gladly recommend this book to anyone interested in tapping their inner source of power through the practice of heartfelt prayer.

--Ron Roth, author of The Healing Path of Prayer


Aus dem Herzen Leben
German edition
Meditando no Ritmo do Coracao
Portuguese Edition

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A Note From Co-Author Puran Bair

Dear friend,

Living from the Heart is about the heart, both the poetic heart that is the instrument of deep feeling and the physical heart that synchronizes all the cells of your body to a common beat. The development of the heart is the great goal of life, both a practical goal and a spiritual goal.

Everyone is attracted by the heart of another; the heart is the agent of creativity and the source of inspiration; the rhythm of the heart is the key to physical, mental and emotional health.

Although everyone aspires to living from their heart, it isn't clear what this means, and there seems to be no method for learning it. Living from the Heart describes a model of heart-centered life and a method for attaining it.

The principle that the book unfolds is that concentration on the physical heart leads to awareness of the poetic heart, and that leads

What People Are Saying About Heart Rhythm Meditation and Living from the Heart

I've used Heart Rhythm Meditation to lower my blood pressure to the point of reducing the medication I take for it, stave off migraine headaches, and to quiet heart arrhythmia when I'm stressed or overtired. Emotionally, I was able to come through a very difficult marital breakdown and negotiate a win-win divorce without the intervention of attorneys. I've healed many childhood wounds, and restored optimism to my life. I feel a deep sense of peace, harmony and gratitude now that I've been able to find my life's work, and a deeper connection to my faith than I've ever had at any time of my life. --Ronnie Howell

I feel that Heart Rhythm Meditation has saved my life, prevented a heart attack and stroke, as I am diabetic with high blood pressure and 57 years old. After each Heart Rhythm session I feel calmer and rejuvenated. It has always worked and I am very grateful for its impact in my life. I know that it has helped me with stress at work, and it has saved my relationships with my students and girlfriend many times beyond measure. It has provided me with a new lease on life, a more complete and fulfilled perspective on what life and living is all about, and a greater ability to be more productive and functional in my average daily life. -- Jim Cumming, MS, MA, teacher, former Army captain

Soon after being introduced to HRM and applying the meditation practices, my blood pressure began coming down, I became more accepting of myself and I literally found my heart! Heart Rhythm Meditation opened my heart letting 50 years of emotion flow making my life more alive and real! I have a much clearer picture of who I am, what makes me tick, and live more from an open and accepting heart. --Porter Underwood, Petroleum consultant


Explore The Remarkable Content In Living from the Heart


1. What is Heart Rhythm Meditation?

Over the years, Living from the Heart is the one book I have recommended more than any other. This book is a treasure of practical wisdom they have gleaned from years of teaching and exploration into the endless mystery of the heart. You will find science, poetry and inspiration, and much more, in these pages. --Dr. James L. Oschman, Author of Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis

Complete Table of Contents

Chapter 1. What is Heart Rhythm Meditation?
Chapter 2. The Benefits and Elements

Chapter 3. Posture and Environment (Preparation)
Chapter 4. Conscious Breath (Focusing on the Heart)
Chapter 5. Rhythmic Breath (Directing the Heart's Energy)
Chapter 6. Full Exhalation (Accomplishment)
Chapter 7. Retained Breath (Conserving Energy)
Chapter 8. Breath and Heartbeat (Peace)
Chapter 9. Directed Breath (Healing)

Chapter 10. The Four Elements
Chapter 11. The Earth Element
Chapter 12. The Water Element
Chapter 13. The Fire Element
Chapter 14. The Air Element

Chapter 15. Common Problems in Meditation
Chapter 16. Individual and Group Practice
Appendix 1: The Source of Heart Rhythm Meditation
Appendix 2: Goals and Landmarks of Heart Rhythm Meditation
Appendix 3: The Works of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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