104: Healing Your Heart, Restoring Optimism

Healing Your Heart:

Every heart has been wounded, and these wounds leak the energy of the heart, which is love, robbing the heart of its natural compassion, creativity and generosity. Heart Rhythm Meditation is a methodology that can heal the heart's wounds when performed individually with periodic group support. It causes entrainment of the biological oscillators of heartbeat, breath rate and brain waves. This results in a strongly centered experience of increased personal power including awareness, empathy, creativity, confidence and joyous radiance.

The result of healing your heart is thankfulness and appreciation, and the restoration of your heart's natural state: no blame, no guilt, and no resentment.

Restoring Optimism:

Optimism is the natural outcome of a strong heart. When optimism is slowly eroded over time, it can be restored by Heart Rhythm Practice. Research has shown that optimism is independent of one's immediate circumstance because optimistic people consistently interpret their circumstances positively. However, the heart can be weakened over decades of disappointment and struggle, or by "compassion fatigue." Optimism requires power in the emotional heart, and this cannot be provided by will-power or intention.

Optimism has been scientifically correlated with ...

  • longer lifespan
  • better overall health
  • more rapid rate of recovery from surgery
  • less rehospitilization for complications
  • better psychological and physical health under stress
  • improved immunocompetence in response to stress
  • successful relationships
  • success in business
  • favored classroom teachers
  • long-term effectiveness as a health-care provider

What You'll Learn:

  • What are the three kinds of ways the heart is wounded, and how to heal each kind of wound
  • The connection between the dimensions of the heart (course #103) and your heart's wounds
  • How to use the Air Breath to gain perspective and understanding about your heart's pain, and the meaning your wounds have in your life
  • How to to use the Fire Breath to burn away all that is no longer needed within you, as well as all the obstacles that are holding back your growth
  • How to use the Water Breath to surround yourself in love, find forgiveness, soften your heart, and deepen your internal space to find healing
  • How to use the Earth Breath to accept and forgive, as well as to assimilate the emotional energy of traumatic, painful experiences, reclaiming the energy that is bound up in your wounds
  • How to regain the trust and self-confidence needed to attain permanent optimism.

Why This Course Matters:

Every heart has wounds; much of our heart energy is spent either reeling from the pain of our wounds, suppressing the pain so it does not reach our conscious awareness, or avoiding people and situations that may touch on the pain. Healing the wounds of your heart is urgent both emotionally, so that you can find relief, but also spiritually, because the wounds of the heart place great limitations on what you can achieve in your inner work.

Any amount of healing the wounds of your heart will have major effects on your relationships, your inner feeling of security and confidence, your ability to take risks, and your level of peace. Healing the wounds of the heart can also heal long-term chronic conditions that are highly emotional in nature.

Length: the Webcourse is 8 weeks.

What Students Say:

"Soon after being introduced to HRM and applying the meditation practices, my blood pressure began coming down, I became more accepting of myself and I literally found my heart! HRM opened my heart, letting years of emotion flow, and making my life more alive and real!  I have a much clearer picture of who I am, and what makes me tick." PU

"The forgiveness and gratitude practices of Heart Rhythm Meditation have been gifts beyond price, allowing me to open to my life now with so much gratefulness. It's like being able to breathe fully for the first time." JC

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One of the features of this course is that it develops the confidence needed to live your life free of psychotropic drugs, like anti-depressants and sleeping pills.

"In our travels we often hear people say, 'I wish I could get out of my head and drop down into my heart.' But the feeling of the heart is the most natural thing; how could anyone be deprived of it? Why do so many people rely only upon their minds when the insight and courage of the heart is so readily available? Beacuse in order to use your heart you have to feel your heart, and for many people, their heart feels sore, so they cover it. People generally attribute their heart pain to what others have done to them, but it is the nature of the sensitive heart to feel pain and every heart has been wounded.

The difference between people is not that one's been hurt and another not, but that one has healed their pain and the other not. If resentemnt, regret or fear accumulates in your heart, it becomes a posion that corrodes your heart and makes it inoperable."
- Follow Your Heart: The Map to Illumination
by Puran and Susanna Bair


Course 104 is only available as part of the first year of IAM-U, The University of the Heart, due to its prerequisites and advanced experience.


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