The Four Dimensions of the Heart

This course deepens the skill foundation created in 101: Heart Rhythm Meditation, and 102: The Four Elemental Energies. The Four Dimensions of the Heart are horizontal (right and left width), vertical (height and depth), forward (back and front), and inner (expanding and contracting). Using the Four Dimensions of the Heart is a profound way of understanding one's self, personality, and qualities. Using the breath and elements is a powerful way of assisting the heart's development, which usually grows in one or two dimensions at a time.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • demonstrate understanding of the heart by identifying all four dimensions, along with three qualities and three distortions, or sign of weakness in that dimension;
  • demonstrate understanding of the dimensions by applying them to understanding a business or other organization;
  • identify the Six Basic Powers and describe how they are used in Heart Rhythm Meditation;
  • describe the various methods of assessing the development of the dimensions of the heart: sensing the magnetic field, patterns of heart rate variability, the Heart Index questionnaire, the pressing need, and the breath;
  • describe the method of recognizing greatness and explain the connection to the dimensions of the heart; discuss the three things that close the heart;
  • identify one's own well-developed dimensions of the heart, as well as the dimension(s) that need energizing;
  • demonstrate the use of the breath to energize each dimension of the heart;

    This webcourse is 8 weeks long.

This webcourse is offered as part of the University of the Heart. For information, IAM-U.

Prerequisite 101 and 102

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You'll need this book, either as published or as an eBook, and the accompanying CDs. You'll also need the HRV Monitor

"Man's ideal shows the height of his heart.
Man's understanding shows the depth of his heart.
Man's perception shows the length of his heart.
Man's sympathy shows the breadth of his heart.
But the fourth dimension of man's heart is seen by all that it contains within itself."
[Hazrat Inayat Khan]