Webcourse 102: 
  The Four Elemental Energies
Online, January 3rd, 2020
Led by Kate Lampe and ---
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Prerequisite is Course 101

What are the Elements?

The Four Elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth are fundamental energies, states and building blocks of reality. They are the forces that operate within your heart to expand it within the four dimensions of growth.

Interpenetrating the visible world is a sea of subtle energies -- the domain of quantum physicists and mystics. The physicists relate to these energies as fundamental forces and the raw material of everything else in the universe. They call the subtle energies "Dark Energy", which create "Dark Matter," and eventually visible matter in four states: gas, plasma, fluid and solid.

The mystics relate to the subtle energies as four kinds of spirit and call them Elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

How are the Elements present in our lives?

At any given time, people and their emotions and situations are characterized by one of the Elements. Understanding the nature of that Element provides a great insight for you to see yourself and others clearly. The ability to invoke an Element in yourself gives you a deep well of inner resources such as creativity, courage, compassion and perseverance. You can rise to the challenge of any situation when you know which Element is called for at that time. For example, if a situation requires courage, the Fire element is needed; Water brings forth creativity and compassion; Earth brings forth stability and tolerance; and Air gives you insight and vision.

You will learn how to:

  • Experience Air, Fire, Water and Earth in yourself using simple breath patterns
  • Purify your body, mind and heart with the Element breaths
  • Tap into the inner resources associated with the Elements
  • Develop the heart qualities that you need to accomplish your wish
  • Gain a better understanding of people and situations by discerning the predominant Element
  • Find your predominant Element and gain clarity about many hidden aspects of yourself

What are the practical benefits?

There are four kinds of workers, four kinds of parents, four kinds of artists, and four kinds of everything. Not only can these four types be recognized, they can be developed by drawing upon the type of subtle energy they each express.

If your business is stuck, your family dynamic is stuck, or your artistic expression is blocked, you can create change by introducing a new Element. People are typically adept at using one or two Elements, but inevitably the universe provides a problem that can't be solved with those energies. This is how Life stimulates growth: in order to meet our pressing need, we will have to learn how to access and use new forms of the subtle energy flowing through us.

The key to operating the subtle energies of the Elements is to use your heart, a great reservoir of spiritual energy that collects and distributes spirit. The four Elements operating within your heart are expressed as essential qualities of sacredness, truth, love and peace. They animate your movements, emotions, and heart qualities; by the Elements you become insightful, joyous, creative, dependable, idealistic, practical, and successful in the way you choose.

The Elements are available to us at every heartbeat; they ride on our breath. To understand the Elements is to know the nature of reality, and to operate the Elements is to create and re-create. By directing the Elements, we are able to tune the energy that flows through us so we can respond to others as a full heart would respond instead of a wounded heart. It's not acting; the heart is healed and rebuilt by the energy that flows through it, changing our behavior, intention, perception, and self-conception.

"I cried, I laughed, I experienced a gamut of emotions that brought me to a greater understanding of the 4 elements and how I can implement them in everyday life as well as in times of great need for myself and others."

- Allison Mitchell, Neuromuscular Therapist, Reiki II Practitioner

This webcourse will help...

  • therapists, healing and health-care providers - to understand the Elements of each type of person you serve
  • teachers - to match your teaching Element to the student's learning Element
  • business managers - to know the four Elements of motivation and management
  • members of a work team - to honor the variety of contributions people make and the essential need for each
  • people looking for career advancement - to learn how to use your Element and to develop other Elements
  • parents - to appreciate the different Elements of children
  • single people looking for relationships - for insight into your Element and your compatible Elements
  • couples - to learn how to develop the Elements of each other
  • seekers of a spiritual path - to know the universal energies and the corresponding divine qualities

Length: the Webcourse is 8 weeks long. There is a new set of meditation instructions each week. Participants write into a blog and the teacher responds. Once a week, on Saturdays, there is a one-hour, live, video conference with the teacher.

What is your spiritual goal?

You can reach your goal
with the help of the Elements.
The Four Elements

The Four Elements of the Heart

Vaporizing and Expansion
Developing Freedom
Seeing the Inside of Things
Intelligence becomes Wisdom
Melting and Transforming
Awakening ideals and Seeking Truth
Accomplishing Your Objectives
Power becomes Righteousness
Washing and Polishing
Becoming Harmonious
Forming close connections
Emotion becomes Love
Sorting and Filtering
Discarding and Renewing
Radiating Peace
Willpower becomes Peace

You'll need this book, either as published or as an eBook.

"As there is need of sun and water for plants to grow, so there is need of the four Elements for a person to keep in perfect health. A person who knows how to breathe perfectly can keep the body free from every kind of impurity. Even the mind derives benefit from this, for the mind too is composed of four Elements."
-- Hazrat Inayat Khan

Webcourse 102: 
  The Four Elemental Energies
Online, January 3rd, 2020
Led by Kate Lampe and ---
FREE tuition

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