The University of the Heart Graduate Program in Hurqalya Healing

Energy Healing From The Heart

Prepare for a Career in Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine, or Take a Further Step in Your Practice of Energy Healing with This Advanced Training

The University of the Heart Graduate Program in Hurqalya Healing ("her-call-ya") is an 18-month training in the next generation of Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine.

It has been created to prepare you for a career in energy healing or to deepen your existing practice in massage, acupuncture, nursing, care-giving, or medicine. This program will give you the knowledge you need about how energy healing works, as well as provide you with a platform for the hands-on healing experience you require.

Through a combination of online curricula and in-person Training Intensives, you will receive the healing and the training in energy healing that you seek, while maintaining the fullness of life you have.

Combine the science of biophysics with modern spiritual understanding and methods:

  • Learn how to activate your heart energetically for healing.
  • Access the Heart Source and amplify it through your own heart.
  • Learn to decode the purpose and goal for each decade of your life through the chakras.
  • Learn the energetic anatomy of the physical, emotional, and spiritual body to be able to heal at all three levels.
  • Work with a community of your peers and experienced teachers.

Learn the advanced science and methods of Hurqalya Healing:

  • Use your breath to circulate healing energy. Currents of energy ride on the conscious breath where you direct them.
  • Power your healing with your heart, the engine for your energetic system, the sun that radiates through all your chakras.
  • Treat your client as part of yourself, not as "other." When your energy fields are unified, you can heal your client by directing energy within yourself and the client at the same time.
  • Tune yourself to all four types of energy from the Heart Source as appropriate for different tissues.
  • Invoke the healing power of great masters, applied through measurable Pulsed-Electro-Magnetic-Fields.

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What You Will Learn


Feel and assess the energy centers of the emotional body (chakras), the quantum layers of physical body, and the spiritual lenses of the spiritual body through hands-on experience of working with clients and self assessment.


Determine what type of energy to apply to the affected tissue or emotional trauma, and influence the energetic frequency at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels by establishing and learning to direct your breath and heart energy.


Develop and strengthen your heart's pulsed electromagnetic field, your connection with the mega healing energy source within your heart, and your holistic relationship to your clients through invocation, meditation and breath development.

"In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy."

-- Albert Szent-Gyorgi, Nobel Laureate in Medicine


"'Healing energy', projected from the human body, is energy of a particular frequency or set of frequencies that stimulates the repair of one or more tissues."

-- James Oschman, PhD


Online Courses

Three webcourses of five weeks each will present the theory and principles of Hurqalya Healing. Course 401, Energetic Anatomy; 402, The Energetic Centers; and 403, The Energetic Lenses, teach biophysics, emotional and spiritual energy.

Residency Intensives

Two Residencies, in Aug. 2016 and Aug. 2017, for in-depth, hands-on, training and practice in the techniques of Hurqalya Healing. Each is 14 days long, led by Susanna and Puran Bair and four certified IAM Heart teachers.

Mentoring Sessions

The program includes monthly mentoring sessions where you work 1-on-1 with your mentor. You will be given meditation practices to strengthen your emotional and spiritual growth and to expand your capacity as a healer.

Group Consultations

Weekly video conferences will review the healing sessions of the past two weeks to share techniques and results, and work together on distant healing projects. Each group will be led by one of the GPH teachers. Starting in Sept. 2016, for one year.

Additional Courses

For those who have not completed the IAM University of the Heart (IAM-U), two additional webcourses are recommended: 101, 102 (additional fee). These courses can be selected from the public schedule of webcourses.

Optional Retreat

An optional, seven-day or ten-day personal retreat led by a certified retreat guide can be arranged to work intensively on practices toward achieving a new breakthrough in realization and energy capacity. (additional fee)

Four Training Topics

(1) Physical PEMF Healing

Course Description:

In Hurqalya Healing, we effect healing of the physical body by changing its electro- magnetic field. The energy field of the body pulsates with the heartbeat, creating a Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF).

Information contained in the energy field of the body is used to rebuild and regenerate itself, every moment. The field can be felt in discrete "Quantum Layers," corresponding to mind, heart and soul. When the healer's hands are brought into the client's field, the PEMF of the healer interacts with the selected layer of the client's field to re-energize the client's original template and restore their body to that pattern.

With the ability to amplify, direct and control the heart's PEMF frequencies, a healer is able to effectively modify any energetic imbalances.

You'll learn:

  • How PEMF functions at different frequencies, all produced by your heart.
  • The necessary factors to reliably 'turn-on' the healing energy in your hands.
  • To feel the quantum Layers of the magnetic field that surround the client's physical body.
  • When and how to increase or decrease the energy in a client's field through entanglement with your field.
  • How to tune the energy of your heart to the type of energy appropriate for the tissue you're healing.
  • To verify your healing influence on the client by feeling the change in the Quantum Layers of the client's field.

"Your magnetic field existed before your body was formed; it is the womb of your body. Your magnetic field holds the template from which your body is regenerated. After the death of the body your magnetic field will continue to live. It is very important to know how to keep your magnetic field in a good state, and consciousness of the magnetic field will strengthen it."

-- Susanna Bair

(2) Emotional-Energetic Flow Healing

Course Description:

The emotional body can be wounded like the physical body. The betrayal and rejection of others, and one's own disappointments and resentments, cause different types of wounds in the emotional/energetic body. We realize that the heart center is the key and the engine for the entire energetic system; the other energy centers are its satellites where each holds a specific type of energy.

Emotion is Energy-in-motion, and mind is the surface of the heart. Every thought has its source in an emotion.

Emotional healing resolves the traumas of the psyche and heart so as to allow loving, joyful and fearless self- expression in harmony with others. By modulating the energy in the centers, and by combining the energies of one center with its complement center, a healer can resolve the traumas stored in those centers.

You'll learn:

  • To accurately distinguish the energy field of each chakra.
  • How to heal a client's emotional body by connecting their energy centers (chakras) through your own chakra system and the Heart Source.
  • Which forms of emotional trauma are most frequently associated with distortion or weakness in a given energy center.
  • How to use your heart center to generate a healing source for all the energy centers (chakras).
  • Where emotional trauma is stored and how to influence and move the energy of the trauma.

"The father, mother, husband or wife may have a magnetism which can hold the family together. When this magnetism is strong, a person makes any place their home. This magnetism can create beauty around one, can attract one, can make a person attractive to his fellowman, serviceable to them. It is soothing; it is healing."

-- Hazrat Inayat Khan

(3) Spiritual Radiance Healing

Course Description:

To treat spiritual illness, we facilitate the circulation of subtle energy from the Heart Source through all the levels of the universal heart, and into the individual, unique heart.

We use the metaphor of light to describe the way that the Heart Source is focused into a unique heart, mind and body of a person. Light passes through a series of internal lenses, each of which can be clear, cloudy, or distorted. To heal at the spiritual level is to clear the three lenses such that light is able to penetrate through the levels of being into the physical body. This can be done by your healing breath, which opens the channels for the Heart Source.

Connecting the seven levels of the self is the highest-order healing process, for the rays of light through the lenses is what creates and re-creates the self.

You'll learn:

  • To diagnose the three lenses through which the Light of the Heart Source radiates to create the Self.
  • How to effect spiritual healing by connecting a client's mental, emotional and spiritual energetic layers through your own heart.
  • The practice of increasing the spiritual energy flowing through your client by re-connecting the client to the Heart Source through your own connection.
  • What are the common spiritual illnesses and which emotional and physical illnesses they can form.
  • How to treat spiritual illnesses with energy treatments.

"Spiritual illness becomes emotional illness, which becomes physical illness."

-- Puran Bair

(4) Practicum

Course Description:

Option 1: Deepening the Hurqalya method. The hands-on training culminates in a 5-day Practicum with invited clients.

Option 2: To help those interested in a career in healing, a business consultant will advise about marketing and operating a private healing practice, with sample business plans.

Discussions among all participants will clarify the Hurqalya method and conclude which practices are most effective for the variety of cases we have encountered.

"In a few decades scientists have gone from a conviction that there is no such thing as an energy field around the human body, to an absolute certainty that it exists. Moreover, science is explaining the roles of energy fields in health and disease. The main reason for the recent change in outlook is the development of sensitive instruments that can detect the minute energy fields around the human body."

-- James Oschman, PhD

Online Courses

The online courses will present (a) the biophysics of energy healing, (b) the teaching of great, past and present spiritual healers, and (c) the practical techniques of energy healing.

Each online course consists of five weeks of reading and responding to written material, learning and practicing specific meditation methods for developing the capacity and skill of energy healing, weekly video conferences to demonstrate the techniques, and dialogue of participants' experiences.

401: Energetic Anatomy

  • The meaning of the quantum levels of the electro- magnetic field: physical, mental, heart and soul.
  • The characteristics of the Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field of the heart, as reflected in one's Heart Rate Variability.
  • How to handle the two-directional energy flow in healing. The Elemental energies for each tissue type.

402: The Energetic Centers

  • The type of energy of each chakra and the physical and emotional functions of each.
  • The types of emotional challenges and periods of life for each chakra.
  • The interconnection between complementary centers and how this can be used for emotional healing.
  • Exploring the steps of vibration into manifestation.

403: The Energetic Lenses

  • The nature and function of the energetic lenses between the levels of Self.
  • To flow spiritual and emotional energy through the energetic lenses using guided meditations.
  • Healing by the use of breath, glance, and presence, and connecting yourself and your client to the Heart Source.
  • The cause behind the cause of an illness. Contemplation and healing at a distance.


Monthly mentoring sessions are focused on your personal development by addressing your pressing needs, your level of realization, and the development of a character that expresses your realization.

Group Consultations

In addition, you will work with one of the GPH teachers for one year, in semi-weekly video conferences to review, consult and assess the healing sessions by members of the group, and share techniques and results.

In-Person Training

Annual Residency

The in-person part of the training consists of two, two-week residencies, the first in August 2016 and the second in August 2017.

The First Residency will cover the first three training topics in Hurqalya Healing:

  1. Physical PEMF Healing
  2. Emotional-Energetic Flow Healing
  3. Spiritual Radiance Healing

Before the Residency, the theory behind these three topics will have been presented in the three webcourses, 401, 402, and 403.

The Second Residency will cover the fourth training topic, the Practicum with invited patients, and the practical business of developing a private practice in Hurqalya Healing.

Practice Sessions

Each healer will record their own, private sessions with their clients, in an online journal provided by IAM Heart, tracking the date, client name, symptoms, diagnosis, healing methodology applied, outcome, and the healer's experience. This will form a invaluable database of what specific energies were applied, in what way, for a variety of conditions.

Graduates will be required to log 50 one-hour sessions divided among at least 5 clients, over the course of the 18-month program.

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Program Schedule

January 27th to March 2,

Online Course 401: Energetic Anatomy
March 23 to April 27,

Online Course 402: The Energy Centers
May 18 to June 22,

Online Course 403: The Energetic Lenses
August 13 to 28, 2016,
2 weeks

First Residency, covering the first three training topics
Sept. 2016
to Aug. 2017

Weekly Group Consultations by video conference
August 2017,
2 weeks

Second Residency, covering the fourth training topic,
Graduation and Certification

Qualification and Application

The IAM Graduate Program in Healing is open to graduates of IAM-U and to graduates of IAM Heart. Experienced healers of other schools are very welcome. To apply, follow the link below and complete the online application form:

Tuition for the program is $7,000, payable as $1000 down and $333 per month.

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