Susan Shawn

Susan Shawn

Beverly, MA   USA


As a certified Heart Rhythm Meditation instructor, my goal is to create a safe, sacred and supportive environment where you can explore the deepest desires of your heart, and develop the energetic power you need to make the changes you yearn for in life. Whether you are looking to manage stress, combat burnout, improve health, relationships, or accomplishments, the power to effect real and lasting change resides within your heart and is readily accessible to you at all times through these simple, yet profound meditation practices.

If you would like to develop a deeper relationship with your heart, then I invite you to join me on this fascinating journey. Heart Rhythm Meditation is a safe, reliable and transformational meditation practice, easily accessible for everyone, beginners and experienced meditators alike.​

Since 2012, I have studied extensively with Susanna and Puran Bair, co-founders of The Institute for Applied Meditation on the Heart. I am a graduate of their two-year intensive IAMU program, the Hurqalya Method® Heart Energy Healing program, a certified iamHeart Retreat Guide and member of the Graduate Program in Spiritual Leadership. It is an honor and privilege to share these practices with you.

Enter into a private space,
close the door, close your eyes,
be yourself once again;
seek the source within.
                      ~Hazrat Inayat Khan