Spiritual Benefits of Heart Rhythm Meditation

Find fulfillment and meaning
Your heart's wish is for your completion and full expression of all your talents, gifts and abilities. The path of the heart is not renunciation; it is fulfillment.

Connect to the whole of life
We are all connected through our hearts, and breath is the bridge between us. With access to your heart, you will never be lonely, as separation is a notion of the mind, not the reality of your heart.

Be guided by your heart
Your best guide is beating in your chest. It gives you your sense of what is "right": harmonious, kind, and productive of happiness. Your mind is an able servant of your heart, but mind is directionless when it is left in charge.

Remember your purpose
There is a purpose to your life, the reason for your creation. You can discover it by remembering the mission your heart has held all your life. Your heart was designed for that specific contribution that is yours to make. In its very cells are stored the purpose of its life. This is accessible through Heart Rhythm Practice.

Heart Rhythm Practice also has Physical Benefits and Emotional Benefits.

Heart Rhythm Meditation is a safe method, beneficial to the body, not at all harmful to the nervous system.

What is spiritual health?

With the maturity of the soul, one desires to probe the depths of life:
One desires to discover the power latent within him;
One longs to know the source and goal of his life;
One yearns to understand the aim and meaning of life;
One wishes to understand the inner significance of things,
And one wants to uncover all that is covered by form and name.
One seeks for insight into cause and effect;
One wants to touch the mystery of time and space,
And One wishes to find the missing link between God and (wo)man --
Where one ends, where One begins.

--- Hazrat Inayat Khan, a musician and mystic of the 20th century.


How does Heart Rhythm Meditation produce transformation?

See a description of the process of Sohembo

Kundalini Problems
Many people who have meditated with insufficient instructions or who have deliberately performed upward meditation techniques such as Kundalini Yoga or samadhi have suffered a variety of neurological problems. Even a single meditation can cause debilitating symptoms that linger for years. These Kundalini problems are not diagnosed currectly by medical doctors, who vainly try to correct them by drugs.

The best antidote for Kundalini, even after damage has been done, is the Water Breath, which is taught in the IAM course 102 and described in detail in our book, "Living from the Heart" . For more details, see the eBook called "The Dangers of Meditation". It's free.