Emotional Benefits of Heart Rhythm Meditation

Improve communication
Speaking from the heart reaches the hearts of others. And knowing your deep feelings gives you integrity and allows you to say the truth.

Restore optimism
Optimism is the natural condition of a strong heart: the confidence that you can have a greater effect on your world than your world has upon you. Pessimism comes from the wounds that leak the energy of the heart. These wounds can be healed by giving your heart attention and energy: awareness and breath.

Feel the condition of others
Through contemplation, you have access to the hearts of others.

Access profound happiness
There is a happiness that is beyond pleasure, that does not depend on any reason. Few people know real joy; they mostly live in a narrow band of emotion, carefully controlled. The world is beautiful when we are in our hearts.

Increase scope of influence
Your heart is magnetic, and its magnetic field can extend further when you are conscious of your heart. Your magnetism carries your thoughts and feelings. Your peace is literally broadcasted from your heart, helping to create peace in others.

Reduce social phobia,
depression and anxiety.

The four types of depression are all affected by shifting energy into the heart. Anxiety is reduced through the inner confidence and courage the heart produces.

Increase emotional stability and balance.
Our practice has been shown to improve the balance between the hemispheres, the absence of which is linked to bi-polar disorder.

What is Emotional Health?

Heart Rhythm Practice also has Physical Benefits and Spiritual Benefits.

What will you find when you energize your heart?


By embracing your emotion you'll discover an inexhaustible source of power within. You will harness the power of your heart's passion to confront what you need to face, stop self-defeating actions and do what you don't think you can do.


In every heart there is a source of profound happiness, a happiness that needs no reason. Your heart opens more and more as it receives your conscious attention, like a flower that opens one petal at a time. As it opens, you'll benefit from deeper relationships, more meaningful work, greater accomplishments, and improved health.


As you energize your heart you'll find your greatest qualities: lifelong passion, guidance in all things, a compelling vision of your future, compassion, cooperation, confidence and courage. With the power of your heart you will love your life, appreciate your challenges, be optimistic about your difficulties and bring everyone in your life into your embrace.


The next discovery is of your connection to all people, directly, heart-to-heart. Because of this connection you can actually feel in your own heart what another person feels in their heart. This experience of the One Heart which all share is an event of enormous importance. Your discovery of it helps blaze a trail that others may more easily follow.


Then comes the remembrance of a mission, a purpose for your life that was the reason for your birth. This sense of purpose is imprinted into your heart at its creation and you'll find it when you energize your heart. Your heart makes available its reserve of courage and creativity, a power that is only available to accomplish your heart's wish. All the wonderful qualities of your heart are reserved for, and can be applied to, your unique contribution in life.