Try out the method of Heart Rhythm Meditation under the guidance of IAM Heart co-founder Susanna Bair.


Our work is centered on the heart and the love it contains; we show how to open your heart and fill it with energy, then use the power and tenderness of your heart in many different aspects of life. We see the heart as a multi-layered center:

  • The heart is a physical structure performing an essential function in your body -- not only circulating your blood but creating hormones and beating out a rhythm that informs and regulates every aspect of your body.
  • The heart is the center of your energetic system, through which flows the magnetism and light that powers your physical heart and body, gives rise to your emotions, enlightens your mind, and connects to the energy fields of all other hearts. We call this the energetic-emotional heart.
  • The heart is also the core of your self, your inner source, your connection to the Infinite, and the ultimate embodiment of all that you are and all that you become in your life. It reflects the Heart of Humanity, so all that is felt by anyone appears within the hearts of everyone. The depth of the heart is a portal to the Universe.

We explore the dimensions of the multi-layered heart and develop a language for describing it. Then we present a method of energizing the heart so it can become great -- great in compassion, courage, creativity, vision, cooperation and confidence. All you want in life and all you want to become is a product of your heart.

Physical, energetic-emotional and spiritual -- these are three levels of "heart" that are layered, the latter within the former, and if you give attention to the outer, the inner heart connects with it. Access your physical heart and you'll find energy and emotion. Dive within the inner world of heart energy and emotion and you'll find your spiritual core. The way to the emotional and spiritual heart is through the heart of flesh!

This description is from our book, Energize Your Heart in Four Dimensions, page 6. The four dimensions of the energetic heart are described in this book, and here.



Heart Rhythm Meditation is an ancient method of accessing the divine within the heart, practiced by the Christian apostles, and updated with medical science. It produces different physiological effects than other kinds of meditation because it maintains one's attention on the physical, beating heart.


The steps of basic Heart Rhythm Meditation are described here. A fuller description is contained in our first book, Living from the Heart, published originally by Random House. The basic practice begins with a synchronization of heartbeat and breath rate, with a full, slow breath that seems to come from, and return to, the physical heart. The most thorough instruction on the basic practice is offered in an eight-week webcourse, #101.

Heart Rhythm Meditation is further developed by thinking of a phrase on every breath that evokes a deep spiritual emotion. There are many such phrases from many traditions, and we will help you find those words that touch your heart.

Following on basic Heart Rhythm Meditation, the next step is to experience the four forms of subtle energy, the Elemental Energies. There is a special version of the basic meditation that evokes Air, Fire, Water and Earth to flow through your heart center, with corresponding sensations, emotions, and effects. This is described in depth in Living from the Heart, and is taught in webcourse #102, the Four Elemenental Energies.

Courses #101 and #102 are the foundations of Heart Rhythm Meditation, leading to more advanced forms of meditation. A particular specialty of our school is the practice of Contemplation, in which one shares the heart of another person, emotionally and energetically, establishing a connection through Heart Rhythm Meditation, to enable a profound understanding and empathy.

IAMheart  also specializes in the use of self-produced, vocalized sound to quickly attain advanced states of consciousness and energy. This is taught in the Residency Program of the University of the Heart.

The training in advanced meditation that we offer continues through eight courses in the curriculum of IAM-U, and two more levels of eight courses.



The path of the Heart has nine distinct steps, described in our third book, Follow Your Heart, the Map to Illumination. The promise of our school is that a student who follows our guidance and studies and performs the practices of our school will reach the nineth step of the path, "Illumination."

We are especially interested in the results that progress in the path produces in one's health, relationships and accomplishments. We want physical results from our metaphysical work.

Heart Rhythm Meditation has many benefits, at every level:

After only a single seminar in which you learn the basic technique of Heart Rhythm Meditation, you will benefit from calm alertness, a more stable heartbeat, lower blood pressure, and an overall sense of integrity between body, mind, emotions and energy. As you develop a practice of Heart Rhythm Meditation, you'll gain deeper relationships, more meaningful work, greater accomplishments, and improved health.

As you energize your heart you'll find your greatest qualities: lifelong passion, guidance in all things, a compelling vision of your future, compassion, cooperation, confidence and courage. With the power of your heart you will love your life, appreciate your challenges, be optimistic about your difficulties and bring everyone in your life into your embrace.

The next discovery is of your connection to all people, directly, heart-to-heart. Because of this connection you can actually feel in your own heart what another person feels in their heart. This experience may convince you that you have discovered humanity's common resource, the One Heart which all share, and that would be an event of enormous importance. Your discovery of it helps blaze a trail that others may more easily follow.

Then comes the remembrance of a mission, a purpose for your life that was the reason for your birth. This sense of purpose is imprinted into your heart at its creation and when you energize your heart, you find your purpose. To the degree that your purpose becomes your conscious commitment, your heart makes available its reserve of courage and creativity. Your heart has a power that is only available to accomplish your heart's own wish. That power cannot be used for the plans of your mind; all the wonderful qualities of your heart are reserved for, and can be applied to, your unique mission in life.