Energize Your Heart in Four Dimensions

Puran Bair and Susanna Bair

$18.95 QP, 9780979526916, 286 pages, 5.5" x 8.5",
Living Heart Media, 888-310-7881, www.energizeyourheart.com

Energize Your Heart takes breathing meditation to a new level. For centuries, meditators have understood the importance of using the breath to enhance meditation techniques, and now Puran Bair and Susanna Bair have shown scientifically how this works, using a computerized calculator of heart-rate variability. An infrared sensor on a finger or earlobe measures the fractions of seconds between heartbeats.

Using the calculator, they discovered that the graphs showed four dimensions of the heart: height/depth, width, inner, and forward. These dimensions can be rated by using an online questionnaire called the Heart Index ( www.heart-rhythm.org). I did the questionnaire and felt that it gave me a fairly accurate portrayal of my emotional/spiritual heart. I found the meditation comfortable and enjoyable to do.

The book takes these four dimensions and describes a specific meditation for each one. Then, "Exercises for Life" are given for that particular heart dimension. These are suggestions of ways of being in the world that will help to balance and support the emotional/spiritual heart.

Since the heart is our physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual center, these Heart Rhythm Meditations (HRM) connect these aspects of the heart and allow the meditator to become aware of unresolved issues and to release them. The Bairs studied subjects who were experiencing emotional stress and measured their heartbeats both with and without doing the HRM. When doing HRM, the heart rate was much smoother, which means that the circulatory system is operating in a smooth rather than an erratic fashion. They observed that the effect of the breath on the heart rate has caused arrhythmia to disappear during HRM.

The breath is the only activity of the body that can be done both consciously and unconsciously. When breathing is done consciously, the brain is freed from this activity and can be redirected toward creativity. Conscious breathing also opens channels to the the unconscious mind, which becomes more available.

HRM, daily connection with the Exercises for Life, combined with a recognition of greatness in oneself and others, work to energize the heart. When the heart is energized: Life becomes whole with the connection made between the mind and heart, change becomes desirable, self-defeating actions lessen, relationships become more fulfilling, and the purpose of life is revealed.

Energize Your Heart provides new understanding and methods for long-time meditators and the scientific proof that will encourage beginning meditators.

Susan LosCalzo, Lofty Notions, Rutherfordton, N.C.