The Four Elements of the Heart

The Four Elements of the Heart
by Susanna Bair

We think of the four Elements, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, as the fundamental energies, states and building blocks of reality. These are the forces that operate within your heart to expand it in the four dimensions of growth.

This CD contains meditations to develop the Elements in your heart and in your life. For more information on the Elements and their application, refer to Living from the Heart, by Puran Bair (Random House, 1998).

IAM heart offers a course, "The Four Elements of the Heart," which explores the Elements in depth and gives individual guidance about what Element is already strong in your heart and what Element is needed and is emerging now. You'll get the same sense from doing these meditations. 60 minutes

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  1. Earth
  2. Water
  3. Fire
  4. Air
  5. Tools for Transformation
  6. Puran Bair

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