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Newsletter for November, 2011

Articles by IAM Teachers

by Susanna Bair

Retreats A retreatant becomes a retreat guide, who then establishes a Retreat Guide training program.
Greatness Recognizing greatness has been our practice... The One Being finds Its fullest manifestation in the human being. In other words, the macrocosm is being expressed in the microcosm.
Mysticism What is a mystic, and how would mysticism express itself in a professional person, such as an artist, a banker, an educator or a therapist?
Two Wolves The old Cherokee story about two wolves, one evil and one good, retold from the Beloved's point-of-view.
Assimilation "To assimilate is the most difficult thing there is." What is the sign we've assimilated the lessons of the past year?
Gratitude for the Journey My parents and us four girls moved with a wagon, two horses and six duvets, from Hungry to Austria. I was four years old; it was the time of the Hungarian Revolution.
Non-Violence What can we do as individuals to follow our hearts yearning to reduce violence and destruction?
Valentine's Day What can we do as individuals to follow our hearts yearning to reduce violence and destruction?
What Gives Me Hope A series of unexpected events on our recent trip East has raised the theme of survival in difficult times. From the English Parliment to the Kalahari Bushmen, people are trying to find solutions to the enormous problems that face our world.

by Puran Bair    

The Walk A demonstration of your unconscious and a way to dialogue between the inner and outer world.
Consciousness and Energy Both are necessary; they interact; one develops the other.
Is a belief system necessary? Yes. But you'll be surprised by what belief is required.
Five Religion Harmony Puran and Susanna speaking at the Dalai Lama's visit to Tucson and leading a combination of five chants
This is a season of miracles. What are the miracles today? They are ordinary occurences in everyday living from the heart.
New Discovery of the Relation Between Conscious Breath and Heartrate The graph below is the result of our test. It clearly shows that the heart rate declines on the inhalation and rises on the exhalation. The remarkable thing is that with all the research that has been done on meditation in the last 30 years, this has never been documented before.
Community People who haven't ever lived in community have no idea how effective it can be as an environment for personal development and social awareness.
The Shadow The "shadow" is a term used by some spiritual teachers to denote an undesirable part of the self that is usually unconscious. We were asked recently to comment on this concept from the heart's point-of-view. To do so, I'll add my commentary to a talk by Ken Wilber.
Gratitude for One's Teachers What does a teacher do, a critical question for IAM, a school of meditation that trains teachers.
Tenets of the Heart Following the 'Path of the Heart' requires an understanding of what the heart is. This article is the beginning of Puran's description of the heart and how it operates.

by Asatar Bair

The Influence of a Sage There is a sage in our linage that was known for his ability to help people with their economic problems. What would the influence of a modern sage look like?
New Economics I am working on an exciting new frontier of meditation, applying the method of Heart Rhythm Meditation to understanding -- and influencing -- the economy. Our goal is to understand the economy as a whole, in its entirety, embracing all aspects of the economy, leaving out nothing.

by Other IAMheart Teachers

Turning As A Meditative And Community Practice, by Zamiat, Bonnie Colby An essential feature of Turning, in this brief article, is the role of the spiritual teacher and community.
Heart Rhythm Meditation in Business, by John Happel John and his wife Dilsha run a successful design and remodeling firm, which has gone from zero to $1.5 mil in annual sales.

by Others

Joseph Chilton Pearce

1 Billion Heartbeats

Heart Repairs Itself

Hemisphere Balance

Sun's Heartbeat

Star's Heartbeat

Life Is Everywhere

Six papers on Noor-un-Nisa Inayat Khan, a modern heroine.

A Baccalaureate Address given by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, is a good example of speaking from the heart.

The planetary significance of the Urs of Hazrat Inayat Khan


Commentaries on "Living from the Heart"
by Puran Bair