Whether beginning meditation or going to the next step, you can learn about your physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual heart through our teacher-led online courses, personal mentoring, and retreats.





The iam University of the Heart, iamU, is a two-year program in the art and science of meditation and its application to transform your life. Develop your heart's capacity and become an iamHeart instructor to teach others.


Find your heart's desires and support your meditation practice with books, ebooks, mp3’s, videos, and a wide range of educational media.


Get the latest updates on heart meditation from co-founders Susanna and Puran, or download free guided meditations and presentations from the podcast.


IamHeart developed the Hurqalya MethodTM of energy healing, in three levels.
The Hurqalya MethodTM training is for graduates of The University of the Heart.


iamHeart is a non-profit meditation school dedicated to building the Culture of the Heart. We teach how to apply the guidance and power of your heart to your health, relationships, and accomplishments.