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From our book, "Energize Your Heart:
"Take the worst part of something and transform it so it becomes the best part, whether you are renovating your business, home or personality."

Home of Heart Rhythm Meditation

Heart Rhythm Meditation is a meditation you will enjoy, with immediate benefits in your health, relationships and accomplishments. Based on ancient, western mystics and modern science, HRM is a practice in three levels for your physical, emotional and spiritual heart.

The essence of the method is to coordinate your breath with your heartbeat. This creates a powerful, coherent, magnetic field from your heart that broadcasts love and peace into your environment.
This is a method of pure love, described in our book, Living from the Heart, tuning hearts toward harmony and beauty with coherent heart rhythm.
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Heart Healing

We offer training in energy healing using the powerful magnetic field of the heart, directed through the hands, eyes, and concentration. Even the presence of the healer's heart is healing. We teach the use of five different types of subtle energy, using magnetic field instruments for biofeedback training to develop those specific frequencies that have been proven to grow living tissue. We also teach the ultimate method of mystical healing: Healing by Absorption.


Energize Your Heart is the source book for heart-based Energy Psychology; it develops a model of the human psyche based on the shape of the heart's magnetic field. We also identify 12 archetypes of the heart and soul, based on energetic qualities revealed in one's walk, voice, response to sound and meditation. In mentoring we feel the state of another's heart at a distance, to assist another's health, relationships and accomplishments.
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The Spiritual Path

The aim of this path is to find divinity in the human heart. The path has a map with nine steps, through development of a clear and focused mind, to an open and courageous heart, leading to unity consciousness with pure spirit embodied in a human personality.

The path of nine steps has been encoded by the ancients in the 11-ring labyrinth, and revealed in our book, Follow Your Heart. You can navigate the turns of the journey to Enlightenment and on to Illumination through the teachings and methods of IAMheart.
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A Community of Heart

IAMheart is a new kind of spiritual school, focused on the heart, scientific in its methods, with an authentic lineage of mystics, a college curriculum, objective, stepwise feedback, and both male and female leaders. We are a non-profit in our 25th year.

IAM Heart

We invite you to join an online, virtual community of those aspiring to Love, Harmony and Beauty. We have webinars, online classes, webcourses, and a two-year intensive graduate-school-level program in Heart Studies.
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